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Default Newbie question - Pro Tools freezes when recording audio


I have been messing around Pro Tools for a week or so, and everything has been working fine. Then all of a sudden today I went to record an audio track (a guitar into a fast track pro) and it froze up for about 3-4 minutes and then it did start recording, but there was a hum coming from the guitar. Since then, I can't record audio at all without it freezing up for several minutes first. The only exception to this is on the project where this initially happened - there I can record audio as normal exactly once and then the freezing problem happens on any subsequent attempts. On any other project, it freezes on the first try. Also, the buzz is still there on the project where this first happened, but not on any others.

I'm using Snow Leopard with the 8.0.3 prerelease for Pro Tools. I'm using the 1.8.0 beta driver for the M-Audio Fast Track Pro. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? I guess it could be the incompatibility with Snow Leopard, but it was working fine earlier so it makes me think maybe that one project left some kind of bad file on my computer or something... I tried reinstalling PT, but it didn't help. I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone has any ideas...
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