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Default Hybrid/Indigo Preset Names: How do you get them back?

I'm not sure at what point in the process the names for these plug-ins disappear. Perhaps when we do a save session copy and move them from rig to rig? The sounds recall, but not the names. Absynth, Atmosphere, MachFive, Kontakt names recall fine. Pro-53, it's so long since I used it, I don't remember. But Hybrid and Indigo are the problem children. Now that I exclusively make a "Save Session Copy" before moving a session, I never have a problem with sounds or settings recalling, just with the names disappearing. Is there a way to dig down and find the name somehere in the innards of the instrument? We're only changing minor parameters. If we knew the name we could just instantiate it on the other session. Also, if we've changed the sound so much, we want to go back to where we started, how do we go about that? At 5am, you don't always remember to write the preset name in the comments column. It's a minor inconvenience, as we can "save" the setting and port it across. But as we are using computers, it's nice when they can take the hard work out of these mundane tasks.


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