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Default A myriad of problems with MP9!

Hi all,

I recently got Pro Tools MP 9 along with the Avid KeyStudio. There are several things I am trying to do but whatever I try just seems to be useless:

1. Trying to get the KeyStudio 49 keyboard to work/be recognised (pretty sure I've installed all the necessary drivers)

2. Trying to get any other playback engine than 'micro' (no idea how to change this)

3. I can't get any playback sounds at all (probably tied into the playback engine)

I am new to this so please forgive me if there is some huge glaring thing I've overlooked!

My system specs are:

Processor: Intel Core i5-2000 3.3GHz
Ram: 8GB
OS: Windows 7 64-bit

Any help would be very gratefully received as (like you) I spent money on this and would hate for it to become obsolete!

Thanks again,

James H
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