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Default Re: Newbie help with system lock ups

I'm not the last word on this stuff, but here's what I see:

RAID, maybe not a good idea. While its SUPPOSED to be okay with 10HD or CPTK(which both allow RAM caching of audio), it was never supported before(and I am not sure that it may be the issue now)

Mis-matched RAM can be a performance killer.

Wifi needs to be disabled when running Pro Tools(at least until you get things working well, at which point you can turn it back on and see what happens).

3GB or RAM is not enough for Windows 7, never mind running Pro Tools on top of it.

Your USB drive is FAT32 and Windows 7 really should be using NTFS drives for most everything. You also need to have your sessions on their own drive(not the C: drive and NOT the samples drive). I would install another internal SATA 7200 rpm drive and cross your fingers(WD Caviar Black are a great choice. no "green" drives allowed).

Not sure what interface you have but Dell firewire is USUALLY not compatible.
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