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Default Re: HELP! M-Audio Project Mix+Intel Quad6600+PTMP7.3=Distortion!

Originally Posted by RICKSTER7 View Post
Hi I have just rebuilt my PC for PTMP7.3
I have M-Audio Project Mix+ Intel Quad6600 Cpu, Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R M/Board, 2GB Ocz 8ooMhz,520W Trust PSU,Xpert Vision 8600GTS 512Mb/128Bit/Gddr3 GFX Card,2 x 320GB Seagate SataII HDD, Windows XP Pro SPK2.Reason3,Guitar Rig2.

Firstly I do not overclock anything so that has been disabled in bios.
When I set a guitar track on Project Mix, there is tons of digital distortion and i cant record!!
I have just spent a load of money buying all these new componants and I cant record!
I checked a mix, I had done and its handling it fine, the CPU load for PTMP7.3 is way low which is great as it's a Intel Quad!

Secondly, I am getting a audio message from the motherboard saying 'Warning,Warning!'
IN Easy Tune (the m/board health check program) it shows that the CPU-SYSTEM temps are 52oC and 57oC.It also says PWR1-CPU temps are 27oC and 31oC.

Also are these normal temps for Seagate SataII 32OGB HDD; Temps are 46oC and 47oC

Can anyone help me out here as I am in the middle of recording and cant get to finish my song till
I get this sorted out. Thank you to fellow digi-friends for all advise past and present.
Re the temperature warnings; you said you rebuilt the system. Did you touch the cpu, or the cpu cooler? Case fans? If the cooler has not been touched in a long time(that's an "old" computer), maybe you need to clean out dust buildup. Maybe the fan is getting slow(from age and dust). Maybe the thermal grease is not doing its job? Its not difficult to remove the cpu cooler, clean the top of the cpu and the mating surface of the cooler, and apply some fresh thermal paste. I don't think those temps are high enough to cause damage, so maybe check to see if Easy-Tune can be set for higher temps before sending a warning?
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