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Default Re: HELP! M-Audio Project Mix+Intel Quad6600+PTMP7.3=Distortion!

[QUOTE=RICKSTER7;1164905]Hi I have just rebuilt my PC for PTMP7.3
I have M-Audio Project Mix+ Intel Quad6600 Cpu, Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R M/Board, 2GB Ocz 8ooMhz,520W Trust PSU,Xpert Vision 8600GTS 512Mb/128Bit/Gddr3 GFX Card,2 x 320GB Seagate SataII HDD, Windows XP Pro SPK2.Reason3,Guitar Rig2.

Firstly I do not overclock anything so that has been disabled in bios.
When I set a guitar track on Project Mix, there is tons of digital distortion and i cant record!!
I have just spent a load of money buying all these new componants and I cant record!
I checked a mix, I had done and its handling it fine, the CPU load for PTMP7.3 is way low which is great as it's a Intel Quad!

Secondly, I am getting a audio message from the motherboard saying 'Warning,Warning!'
IN Easy Tune (the m/board health check program) it shows that the CPU-SYSTEM temps are 52oC and 57oC.It also says PWR1-CPU temps are 27oC and 31oC.

Also are these normal temps for Seagate SataII 32OGB HDD; Temps are 46oC and 47oC

Can anyone help me out here as I am in the middle of recording and cant get to finish my song till
I get this sorted out. Thank you to fellow digi-friends for all advise past and present.
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