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Default Re: HELP! M-Audio Project Mix+Intel Quad6600+PTMP7.3=Distortion!

Originally Posted by RICKSTER7 View Post
Hi,Its a IEEE 1394a firewire adapter that I have not onboard (forgot to mention)The box says its (PI394A-2000 & OCHI SPEC v1/V1.1 compliant) The thing is that the firewire adapter worked fine on old pc setup, no digital distortion, pops & clicks.

The guys from Avid/ M-Audio says its a conflict with the firewire IRQ and my other IRQ.
In Bios Firewire IRQ is set to 7, but in WinXP/Pro it says its IRQ20.I have done all the things
Avid/ M-Audio suggested like take 1394a adapter out PC, restart, close, put back in other PCI slot,restart etc but no change, still getting pops and clicks.

I am now reformating Cdrive, installing different versions of Win Xp Pro and restarting again from scratch.

Can anyone tell me when usin Reason with Project Mix and PTMP7.3 on winXP Pro, whats the correct
audio settings for audio device panel? Do Reason use motherboard audio card or does it use the Project Mix audio card for midi?

A lot of times I feel everything is not explained enough in the M-audio/Protools manuals for correct setup with windows XP, as one click and you can easily muck configs up.

Thanks for the advice so far folks, All in the name of making good music!!
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