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Default Re: Reason Adapted is a Lost Cause

Yeah i had similar problems, when i had installed everything to my PC, Sampletank would work, then sometimes not.....Xpand! wouldn't find any of its presets/audio, and Reason Adapted is just a joke really, you cant unplug anything, you cant make new instruments, and so I just boycotted the use of it...due to pure frustration....

I'm on a macbook now, and everything seems fine, apart from the instrument data in Sampletank, which I had to copy over to the correct place myself....

When i had to get a new reg code for all my IK multimedia stuff (mission!) they sent me the same ones as before, using up one of my 3 FREE codes...

But i'm genrally impresed with Pro tools, I prefer it to logic (exept the enviroment!)

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