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Default Re: Here we go again: Premiere exports silent files with OMF

Originally Posted by gwhatley View Post
Understood. Well, the only other areas that have caused hiccups for me are the following:

-Nesting and/or grouping in Premiere causes problems for Pro Tools, and needs to be undone before delivery

- we've found that best practice for delivery includes deleting the video track before creating the AAF/OMF

-OMFs can only be a certain maximum size, so maybe try creating one with short handles, which will force it to create new files - or, create a separate OMF for each track of audio to minimize the sizes.


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YES!! This is correct from above. I forgot to mention this also. The editors I work with always do a music prep or prep of some sort WITH a QT ref included along with a reference track of everythig mixed on a track as well.
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