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Default Re: pro tools first not working right

As far as text being cut off, are you using 4k monitors or have an unusual scaling factor set in Windows? Any accessibility settings for large fonts enabled or anything else that may be a non standard font setting?

As for not getting any sound, first make sure that Windows is not using the Focusrite as its default sound device. If it is, set Windows to use the internal audio as the default and I'd even go as far as just disabling the Focusrite in Windows sound settings so it doesn't try and use it.

Make sure you are using the latest drivers for your Focusrite interface for your OS.

Once that is done, start Pro Tools First and hold down the N key while it loads. This should present you with the Playback Engine where you will select the Focusrite as your Pro Tools device. Now create a new project and add either an audio or instrument track and ensure that the track outputs are set to the main output on your Focusrite interface.

Once the track you just created has some content, you should be able to press play and hear it out of the Focusrite.

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