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Default Re: Digidesign DIGI-002 / Behringer Virtualizer 3D FX2000 - Routing

Ultimately, you SHOULD read the manual. If the Behringer has SPDIF IO, I would create an output from PT that goes out via the 002 SPDIF output. Return the Behringer on the SPDIF input(to a stereo AUDIO track set to Input mode; when your mix is done, record the effect) and if that input is not already available in the IO, then add the input path. If the Behringer is only analog IO, the method is pretty much the same. Having said all that(and I do encourage you to learn how to do this stuff), unless there is some spectacular sound in there, plugins will likely do the job as good if not better, and avoid all the extra hassle. Its much the same as someone jumping thru hoops to insert a cheap DBX or Alesis compressor because they believe "hardware" is just better(when it very often is not better). There are plenty of really good reverb plugins for $100 or less(IK Classik Reverbs for example), really good delay plugins for $50 or less(Waves H-Delay on sale?) and pitch doublers(Soundtoys Microshift). Food for thought
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