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Default Glitchy Problems With Reason10 as Rewire

I'm getting some glitchy issues while using Reason10 as a rewire in PT. When I pull up a loop in Reason it will sound normally in the preview, but will change when I choose and load it into Reason. The sound change is almost like it's being run through a Lo-fi effect. The second issue I get is a rhythmic note being played at C1 on all Reason instruments. I can see it on the Midi Input of the instrument, and when I record a Midi Performance it shows up in the performance as a short consistent Midi Note at C-2. None of this happens using Reason alone or as a rewire in Logic. Just Pro Tools.

I may just be in upgrade territory, but I'm hoping there is just some set up issue I haven't been able to find.

PT 11.3.1
Reason 10.2.1
OS 10.10.5

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