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Default Re: Need help before I spend $$$$$

Originally Posted by webstersp View Post
I'm buying the apollo quad for sure!
And for mics, I'll try what I have before buying a great mic!
I'll buy a few ua plugins before!
For mics I have an sm7b, a blue spark, 2x sm57, sm 58 an sm81
Thats a good idea, try what you have as you can use the great UA plugins in the Console included set to Pro Tools Mode and track with the best enulations on earth in realtime with zero or non noticeble latency. Imagine having like 4 tracks at the same time All with 1176/LA2/Studer/Neve/Manley on them all and still not printing until you have tracked and recorded what you want. Then just send the track setting from the UA Console into PT11 and tweek the sweet plugin chain for accuracy Very very nice! Very Nice!

You are gonna LOVE that unit! Spend the money on a few real plugins instead of a mic now and later on get a better condensor mic. The ones you have will do for now and sound really great with the preamp converters in the Apollo. They are worldclass and no wonder UA wins prices for best gear and plugins year after year.

The Apollo Quad should be double the price and still a Great unit. We have a HDX2 system in the large control room with 2X Avid HD 16/16 i/o and Apollo Quad and the Apollo 16 holds its own against that system and do sound as good or slightly better warmth and a bit of sweet colour on the preamps. Also tried the most expensive Prism AD/DA and Apollo still sounds Great at half the price

Post back when you have bought it and I can help you set it up with a few tweeks for best performance.

Good Luck
Best Regards

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