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Default Re: Need help before I spend $$$$$

Originally Posted by webstersp View Post
Thanks southsidemusic, the apollo quad was my number one choice since they now give the thunderbolt card for free right now. But I wanted to be sure about this before I spend over 2k on an audio interface.
When you buy the apollo quad, do you have some kind of rebate, voucher to buy more plugins?
Can we try this plugin before we buy them



The Vouchers given away at purchase changes from time to time. We got our Apollo Quad before the Thunderbolt offer aswell and the Apollo 16 came with the card so we have T/bolt on both now. I saw they have the thunderbolt card included in their deal now so thats AWESOME! It's a 500 dollar discount and a no brainer

Also regarding plugins, ALL their plugins can be demo'd from inside the control panel for 14 days fully functional and that is great. As for the included plugins, the 1176 bundle and the LA2 teletronix bundle are legacy but the real plugin bundles are rebated half price when buying them as an owner of Apollo Quad aswell and THE BEST Pultec Bundle on earth. All three bundles are $149 each if you buy the Apollo interface. The legacy plugins works but are Old emulations and probably theor first attempt at making sweet stuff. Sound "ok" but the real deal is off the chain

So .. If ypu have the money -> hurry up and buy the Apollo Quad and save on the plugins as an UA owner. That half price comes up after you register your products so you know. These bundles are $299 and with an UA interface $149 each.

Also i believe Every new customer gets an $100 voucher for plugins when registering their product. We got that twice with our 2 interfaces and our friends got it aswell after buying the Apollo Quad with the thunderbolt option deal out now. And we always get $50 and $75 and $25 vouchers every month so all the things considered UA is a really great company and they make real pro stuff.

Best of Luck
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