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Default Need help before I spend $$$$$

Hi, Iím asking for your help before I spend my money anywhere.
Iíve been recording for fun at home with logic and pro tools for the last 4 years.
Tracking my ideas, bring them to the band but nothing more.
Been using an m-audio fat track pro and Iíve added a focusrite 8 pre a month ago.
I want to upgrade if it can helps our demo sound a better.

Iíve bought a house last summer and decided to treated a room so we could make our
records and stop paying money for it to someone else!

I have 3000$ budget for the audio interface + mic preamp (if I really need one).
I already have a few mics and I just bought budget monitor that were recommended to me.
KRK rokit G3.
We wonít track the drums here we will track them at our rehearsal space. Since we donít have the best acoustic room we will be using drumagog or slate trigger 2 to replace the drums sound or mix them together.

Iíve got a macbook pro and Imac 27 both with thunderbolt and no firewireÖ
To track bass and guitar we will be using our guitarist Axe FX and Kemper.

Since everything beside vocals will be digital would i benefit going for an rme ufx, metric halo uln-2, apollo quad etc over mid cars like focus rite saffire 56, motu 828 etc?
The a polo seems a great bang for the bucks but are the plugins that better then the ones Iím using in logic and pro tools?
And should i grab a mic preamp, the great river been recommended to me but is it possible to have an all in one audio interface?

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