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Default Re: NO: 001 mic pre, Mackie pre, latency

I do pretty much what "e" does. I bring my Studio Technologies preamp into a patch bay. Then I run directly into 3/4 of the 001. I've had no issues with latency at 128 samples - even with experienced vocalists (and also recording myself).

I also run my synths into my 32x8. When I get to final mix time, I route them all to a stereo sub out and patch that into the 001 for recording the midi to audio. It's a LOT easier to recall the mix that way.

When I was using a system with 35ms of latency, the only difference was that I took the preamp outs into a line in on a couple of channels, took the direct out to the digital card, and then muted the DAW output on those channels so everything was monitored through the board. The other option would be to split your preamp outs with a patchbay mult and run both into the digital card and to the mixer. That may be a bit cleaner, but I didn't have a mult set up on my patch bay.

It gets a little trickier when you punch, tho'.

I'd try it with the first setup and see if the "latency" issue is a problem for you, then do the work-arounds if it's a problem. Just don't assume it will be a problem before you try it yourself.

Remember, sound travels at about 1 foot/ms, so 6ms of latency is less than "locking in" with a bass player on the other side of the drummer from you - even on a small stage.


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