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Default Re: Anyone familiar with AVoption|XL for PT|24 Mix, OS9, PT 5.1.3

Originally Posted by flexico View Post
hey john, yes you're correct about the iLok authorisation. Both Digitranslator 2 and AVoption XL are available as iLok licenses and can be found on the used market. However they will only authorise within OS X, not OS 9. For that you have to have floppy key discs. I really need to stay in OS 9 as I have all sorts of very expensive authorisations for things like Smartcode DTS, Dolby, Realverb, PostConform, Machine Control, etc which I just can't transfer to OS X because the vendors have abandoned any support. Hence, if I could get AVoption happening under OS 9 I could keep this investment ticking away for a while longer! Everything works so well. It's just the Copy Protection that's a ticking time bomb
I sure thought my digitranslator 2.0 ilok license works in OS9/PT5. I know for sure that all of my other ilok licenses for mix worked in OS9 except tc tools. I have a mix card set up right now, let me check this and I'll get back to you.
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