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Default Anyone familiar with AVoption|XL for PT|24 Mix, OS9, PT 5.1.3

perhaps someone here can shed some light. I have Pro Tools Mix in a 13-slot PCI chassis hanging off a G4 running PT 5.1.3 in Mac OS 9.2.2. It works really well and I'm very happy!

I've recently been given an Avid Meridien III Digital Media Board (0030-03138-01 B) and connecting cable, and since this is the basis of Digidesign's AVoption|XL I thought I might try and make that work, although I know very little about this system. I already have a USD Sync and an ATTO UL3D card too. So, from the digi archives it seems that hardware wise I now just need an "Avid Break Out Box with Analog Video I/O board installed". IF this is correct I may be in luck with that because I've been offered the following:

AVID 0020-00365-01 ' BREAKOUT BOX '
AVID FALCON SDI BOARD 0030-03022-0 + 0030-00382-01

Is the above everything I need in terms of hardware?

As for the software it looks like I need to find the AVoption|XL Software as well as DigiTranslator 2.0 for MacOS 9. Any idea where I can get hold of these? And if I can't (since the s/w will likely be the most difficult bit to secure) what will the hardware be capable of on its own, in the Pro Tools environment or perhaps with an alternative Avid editing front-end?

Thanks in advance. Hopefully some of you have long memories..!
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