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Default Re: 002 rack keeps loosing asio driver in cubase 4.5

My system
  • Asus P5E-VM HDMI updated drivers
  • Windows XP pro Sp3 updated
  • Using the on-board firewire port
  • 003r
  • Digidesign ASIO Drivers v7.4
  • Pro tools LE is not installed
  • Reason 4.01
  • Kore2.1.0.9

Intermittently KORE2 or Reason cannot connect to the 003r as the ASIO driver is unavailable. Reason reports "Sound driver problem. The sound driver used in the previous session could not be opened." and Kore brings up its sound driver preference clearly showing the Digidesign ASIO driver is not available. To get it working I end up shutting down the computer and also restarting the 003r before a connection can be restored. When I do get the driver running in KORE2 or Reason I have to setup the driver preferences in each application again from scratch. This is killing my workflow.

At any time Soundforge (8.0d) can connect to the 003r with no problems.
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