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Default Media Station | PT crash & burn


Trying to get Media Station PT 1.8.2 running on an HP xw8200 with Avid Mojo, HD3 & 192 / sync IO.
Mainly needing to use Media Station to convert Quicktime DV to Avid DV25 for use with Mojo.
I've heard rumors that PT 7.2 will allow Quicktime DV playback out Mojo, is this true?

Big problems with MSPT crashing.
Install goes OK (after reinstalling the OS without HP extra software) and I can start a project and import videos etc..

Once I try to export or do much of anything else, I get a Fatal Error, exception error in mediastation.exe and the app quits. After that, every time I attempt to start MSPT, I get a fatal error 'directIO_cannot_set_sync_source' ... no amount of rebooting solves this, only uninstalling totally and re-installing. But after one inevitable crash, MSPT goes back to failing while initializing audio hardware.

I feel like I am beta testing this software, is there no way to start up without initializing audio? Is there any simpler way to convert Quicktime DV to Avid DV25 for use in ProTools / Mojo?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide:)
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