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Default Re: Exported WAV files - wrong header?

I've come up with two solutions to this problem that are eaiser than using Stripwav and SoundForge. Any feedback on these ideas would be appreciated.

1. If you're working in a 24-bit session and you "Bounce To Disk" one of your Bounce Options is Resolution. The default is 24-bit (since you're in a 24-bit session). Normally you'd leave this alone and choose the Convert After Bounce option at the bottom to convert to a burnable 16-bit .wav file. Changing the Resolution option to 16 AND choosing Convert After Bounce will create a file .wav file that Nero has no problem with. I have no idea why this works or if it degrades the quality of the finished product. Again, any input from you pros out there would be great.

2. Use an older version of Nero. I have version 5031 and it'll burn anything, even these pesky Pro Tools files.

Let me know if these suggestions are helpful.

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