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Default Workflow with Assistant Eng

South side of control room:
I have S3, Dock and iPad controlling PT Ultimate on OS X Sierra.

North side of control room:
I have an assistant (A2) and a C|24 which still works great. (We also use it for line mixing our slates, listen, and talkbacks.)

Currently during tracking, I disable EuControl, enable ethernet for C-24 so A2 can mix F, G, and H sends for our 3 headphone cues. My dream is to have the S3 active at the same time as the C|24, but that will never happen, I'm told.

Are there any alternative options? A HUI controller perhaps for A2? Tried this with V-Control/iPad as a test - but many limitations - e.g. can't see the track names clearly (only 4 char), can't access Sends F-J, and very touchy performance - not really usable during game time. I suppose that rules out Slate Mti2 as well? Any one ever try an S3 and a Raven? Or any other HUI device with success for F-J sends with simultaneous EuControl device?

I thought maybe 2 S3's... but nope - not allowed.

So it appears that if I want A2 to work with me, I have to forget the idea that I could also use my S3 rig during tracking.

Am I missing something? Is there anyone that can relate to this workflow that has solved it?

Things I don't know: S6 - would it offer this dual engineer functionality?
Is there some other clever or third party way to make this happen?

Thank you in advance!
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