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Default Waves forgetting its preferences

I've been going gently mad over the past few months as my Waves plugins didn't appear in AudioSuite. Eventually I found out that if I held shift on starting PT10, I got a preferences box, and "do not use in AudioSuite" was checked. Hallelujah, I cried, unchecked it and everything magically appeared.

Until I restarted the app and realised I was back to square one. The box always reverts to checked.

I can make the box come up every time and manually uncheck it, but that's pretty rubbish, isn't it? Is there a way to make this change permanent? Registry? I'm sure it's not supposed to behave like this, but just after a pragmatic solution. I've uninstalled and reinstalled PT a few times in the last few weeks, but the behaviour hasn't changed.

Thanks all.

PT 10.3.9, Win 7 64 bit
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