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Default Re: Pro Tools 11 and Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56

Thank you!

Do you know what the proper uninstall/install order would be? I'll need to install the new iLok License Manager as well (hoping it is stable by now). And I might need to update the Mix Control software also (I'm on 3.0 but I see that there is a new 3.2 version available).

So would it be safe to do everything in this order:

1. Uninstall everything related to Pace, the old Pace drivers etc.
2. Install the new iLok License Manager
3. Download the PT 11/10 bundled license onto the iLok
4. Check to see if PT 10.2 is still running fine as usual (in case there is a problem with the new iLok software)
5. Turn off interface
6. Uninstall PT 10.2
7. Uninstall Mix Control 3.0
8. Install Mix Control 3.2
9. Install PT 10.3.6
10. Install PT 11
11. Turn on interface

Does this look ok? Have I forgotten anything? I don't want to risk anything by installing things in the wrong order.
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