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Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
Yes, you can have maximum of two boxes connected to one card. It is a design feature of the DigiLink cable: sure it is capable of carrying 32 i/o but the way it is done means your first box primary port uses channels 1-16 (whether the interface is capable of so many or not) and the expansion port uses channels 17-32 (whether the interface is capable of so many or not).

So with a one card setup, you have the long cable from card to box one's primary port, then short cable from box one's expansion port to box two's primary port. Then connect the Loop Sync cabling and you are done.
Yeah that makes sense thanks.

Would the Optical ports not give me another 8 i/o if I connected one up via light pipe? The manual seems to suggest that another 8 i/o is possible utilizing this?
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