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Default Video cards for PC?

Hey there,

We just moved our Pro Tools HD system over to a PC. Previously we had been using a Canopus ACDV 100 firewire card for viewing quicktime files on a projector but i am told that this card will not work with Pro Tools on a PC. Firstly why is this the case and, secondly, what other options do we have to hook up the projector (apart from buying Mojo which seems excessively expensive for what we want to do)?

PT HD2 7.3.1cs4, 192 I/O Dig X 2, 192 I/O, 96 I/O, Sync, ProControl w/Edit Pack, FaderPack X 3, Intel Core2 6600, 2GB, Asus P5WDG2 M/board, WinXP SP2
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