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Default Robert Johnson *tips hat*

Yesterday marked the 100th birthday celebration of what was probably the single most influential guitarist to ever sling a six sting.

Imagine, everybody WE admire as guitar greats found inspiration and their own voice playing and listing to music recorded by Robert Johnson.

I've known of the dude for quite some time but never put out the effort to actually look him up or study any of his recordings. I may be WAY behind the curve on my education here, but I found his story fascinating none the less.

In a recording career that only spanned only a few studio sessions, he shaped the voice for generations to come by being one of the guitar heroes for the likes of Clapton, Page and Hendrix to name but a scant few.

He is the originator of the 'Faustian' story, selling your soul to the devil to be a better player (at the crossroads)

Read about him on the link below and take a moment to wail a few notes out in his memory.

Read about him here. If you haven't you won't regret it!
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