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Default Re: Some prepurchase questions

Hi digiot, thank you for answering my questions. I’m definitely keeping my 1248. I tested the AVB on it yesterday and I was getting 9.4 ms roundtrip at 64 buffer size. I hope the Carbon can do better but it’s ok if it doesn’t, I’ll still have the 1248 in Thunderbolt for my Digital Performer projects. Plus, the 1248 will give me 16 more ins on the Carbon, ADATx2.

Are there any standalone capabilities? If I find the Carbon’s pres are way better than the Symphony’s pres, can I lightpipe the Carbon into the 1248 and still use the Carbons pres and the variable Z when tracking in DP?

I sure hope that the SSL UC1 plugins get an AAX DSP version. I think the UC1 is great. I would just use the Channel Strip 2 exclusively for all my channel strip needs. I wonder if NI, Line6, or Waves will ever go AAX DSP. Headrush should make an AAX DSP version and give us updated Eleven tones.

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