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Default Re: Latency issue - i think I am paranoid, or maybe not!

While we wait for someone smarter than me, here's my take:
1- Is the buffer size affecting when recorded material is going to be recorded or it just affects when you hear it (latency)?
I ask you this because I am planning to set buffer size at 2048 and monitor myself with a mixer before going into protools. (Zero Latency Monitoring) In theory, no(the audio engine is supposed to take the buffer size into account and place audio correctly). Using a big buffer may make doing punch-ins a nightmare. Pro Tools 8.0.4 has a serious timing issue that required a cs update to help-and it helped for all EXCEPT the 48K sample rate. Can't speak for 8.0.5 as I went to 9.

2- Can I change buffer sizes to different settings while recording without having Dly misalignment issues with Insert/Aux plugins?
I ask you this because I record while I am mixing therefore lots of plugins are going on in real time in my session? Once audio is recorded, it doesn't move(unless you move it), but certain plugins can cause anywhere from 0 to over 8000 samples of latency, which can really screw things up. PT9 has ADC, which can compensate for up to 4096 samples of plugin latency(but remember, compensation moves everything LATER to match the track with the highest latency, so that can make punch-ins even harder). Disabling compensation while tracking can help.

Futher explaining: When I do latency compensation with Digirack TA ( for example to compensate for latency induced by altiverb place on an Aux) and I change buffer settings, I see that the Dly view changes samples latency reading accordingly. Do I have to keep on re-adjusting Digirack TA everytime I change buffer size so my tracks don't get phasing problems? In theory, no. Reverbs should be run on AUX tracks and fed by AUX sends. By running the reverb at 100% wet(no dry signal), you don't need to compensate or consider latency on the verb. Just chalk it up to built-in predelay(which you would adjust by ear anyway)

3- Is Zero Latency Monitoring a good solution to record with aux/inserts plugins without having to worry about latency nightmare? Define Zero Latency Monitoring. If you mean Low Latency Monitoring(an option for Pro Tools firewire interfaces) that function solve latency, but disables sends and plugins on the record-enabled tracks. If you refer to using a hardware mixer for direct monitoring, then you won't be listening to the plugins at all. Personally, I would either solve the hardware issues so you can record at 64(and monitor from the session). Adding a hardware mixer just over-complicates the setup IMHO(and I'm an old analog guy). I stay in the box, because it works for me

You might be paranoid, but its still a good idea to pay attention to this stuff
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