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Default Delta 1010 Monitor Mixer/Patchbay Router ??

Our gear: Delta 1010, M Powered PT 7.3, and Windows XP Home Edition. Recently, we went from using Cakewalk Sonar v. 4 software to M Powered Pro Tools. Prior to using Pro Tools, we were using the Monitor Mixer function of the Delta 1010 to send out recorded mix through Monitor Mixer H/W Out 1/2, AND, Monitor Mixer H/W Out S/PDIF. The H/W Out 1/2 went to our powered PA mixer, and the H/W Out S/PDIF went to our Roland digital monitors. Without getting into a lot of detail here, when we recorded with M Powered, 6 tracks of audio, each track with it's output set to stereo 1-2, we couldn't get the Monitor Mixer in Delta's control panel to play on either the H/W Out 1/2 or the H/W Out S/PDIF. Do the Monitor Mixer faders have any effect on producing sound when using Pro Tools M Powered software?

I noticed in the Getting Started manual for M Powered 7.3 on p. 19 "Configuring I/O Set Up", that "Pro Tools M-Powered BYPASSES the M-Audio mixer that is displayed in the M-Audio Control Panel. The interface’s hardware inputs and outputs show up directly in Pro Tools I/O Setup."

Is there something more I need to understand about M Powered Pro Tools and the Delta 1010 Monitor Mixer as far as being able to use the Monitor mixer functions of the H/W Out 1/2 and the H/W Out S/PDIF for monitoring purposes? All help appreciated! This is my first post.
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