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Default Recording Midi To Audio - Need Expert Advice

I've recently completed tracking (Midi) for an 11 song Christmas CD project. The majority of these songs involve AT LEAST 16 tracks of orchestral patches from a Kurzweil 2500 and a Kurzweil PC1X. Now that I'm at the stage of mixing, I'm wondering what would be the best approach to take.

Should I:

-Set levels & automation, etc. while tracks are still Midi tracks and then record them as audio tracks?
This would seem to be a quicker approach as I could then record each keyboard's mix output as a stereo audio track and then bounce those tracks to disc. For example, I may have 8 instruments coming from the 2500 and 8 coming from the PC1X. This is assuming that it would be best for me to utilize the onboard instrument patches (including effects).


-Should I record each individual Midi track on it's own audio track? Mono? Stereo? Dry? Or using the patches as they are already exist (with effects)? Recording them "dry" would obiously give me more flexibility during the mixdown but It would certainly take a lot more time. And I wonder just how much difference it would really make. As many of you know Kurzweil has some excellent sampled orchestral patches.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated..............quickly!!!


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