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Default Re: quick antares auto tune 4 question

Hey thanks for the awesome tips. Tbe way I use it is...after tracking, I create a new track and name it AT and run the original vocal out to a bus and set the new tracks (AT) input to the same bus I sent the original vocal out to. I fix sections at a time and then record the fixed sections to the new track. Now, the way that I insert auto tune is through the inserts in the mix window, which I know takes up more cpu. But, after I have corrected the vocals and they are recorded to the new track, if I take the inserted auto tune plug in off of the track, it will be as if I hadn't used a plug in, and the vocals will be in tune on the new track correct? I am just trying to save cpu power. Also, I got this method of correcting vocals from another post on this forum, but I dont really know why I have to use buses...I do and it works great, but couldn't I just insert auto tune on a track, fix the vocal and solo the track and record it to the new track, same thing? I dont fully understand buses yet...any help or tips would be great!

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