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Default Re: quick antares auto tune 4 question

When doing vocals, should I run the vocal track through antares auto tune first before adding any effects such as reverb, eq, compression, etc.
Yes. I usually use it on an alt playlist with AudioSuite.

How do you guts do it to get a good vocal sound. Also, I am currently recording a terrible singer much time do have? I worked with a guy at a music store several years ago who used to tell potential customers they would be better off spending the money on lesions than buying the guitar.

and have to try my best to fix his off key vocals but when I do, some of the notes seem electronic or phasery. Is there a tip you guys can give me for smooth natural pitch correction?
futz, futz, and more futz. Graphic mode. Then throw up your hands and insert a chorus with heavy detune.

Im sure with a good singer this wouldn't be as much of a problem.

You are absolutely correct.
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