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Default (-9136) Error Hardware Buffer

So i see this post on a lot of these boards, but can't seem to find anything that will work for my problem. I am currently running Pro Tools LE 6.4 with an M-Box on a Power Mac G5 dual 1.8 with 1.5 ram. I am useing osc 10.3.9, which I found out in other posts that this isn't a comptable operating system. 1st I guess I would like to know how I can downgrade my OS.

My error message happens no matter how many tracks I have even if its one playing back a kick drum track. It happens on Playback, Recording and bouncing. It usally happens rather quickly on playback within 7 seconds or so. This problem came about after my Digirewire crashed and still havent gotten that fixed even with help. I would love and advice or help or anything.

I can live without rewire, but as of now my Production studio so shutdown well useing protools in that studio is shut down and would love any help.

Thanks again,
5280 Sound
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