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Default Protools crashes during launch after installing Soundtoys update

Protools 10.3.10
iMac 3.1 GHz i7 OS 10.8.5
8 GB Ram
HD Native Thunderbolt
Omni interface
Artist Mix

Just did the Soundtoys Native update and Protools was a bit slow to open a few times but did work. I found that quitting EuCon helped. Now Protools won't open at all.

When I click the icon to open Protools, it scrolls through the plug in list and then stalls a bit on "Creating DAE Objects" but will progress to "Setting Up Peripherals looking for a sync" and then crashes.

I've uninstalled EuCon software. Trashed all preferences. Updated the HD hardware drivers. Uninstalled Protools and Reinstalled to version 10.3.10. Reset the Omni interface from the front panel. Put Soundtoys in the Unused Plugins folder. Nothing works.

I tried holding down N on startup to get the Playback Engine dialog. It always defaults to HD Native Thunderbolt - even if the Omni is turned off and disconnected. If I switch the engine to Built In Output, it just crashes again and defaults to HD Native Thunderbolt. I have been able to switch to Built In Output a few times and get the "Protools will now quit. Relaunch for new playback engine…" As soon as I re-open, it crashes again. If I am able to switch the engine and do a re-start holding N, it reverts to HD Native Thunderbolt.

I did manage to open one session and switch to Built In Output. The session would play just fine. I saved the session and tried to re-open. It crashed and on the next open I held N and the engine had switched back to HD Native Thunderbolt despite being saved as Built In Output.

I can choose HD Native Thunderbolt in my Mac System Prefs for sound output and the computer will play audio through my Omni just fine.

I can hook up the Thunderbolt/ Omni to my laptop with Protools and it works just fine.

I need Protools to work with my Omni again. Can't see how the Soundtoys update could've cause such an issue.

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