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Default Constant HUI Error messages

Good morning,
I have PT 18.4, Lenovo laptop with 16 gigs of ram, MBox III ,the ICON QCon Pro X control surface and the Oxygen 49 keyboard.

I'll open a session, and a couple seconds later I get this error message:

Pro Tools is unable to communicate with HUI. Power-cycle HUI and check its connections. Note, if HUI is not in use, update the Peripherals dialog to prevent further warnings.

I'll click the OK button and the same error will pop up again referencing the keyboard.

I have the peripherals set up correctly and tried to change the order between the QCon and the Keyboard. It didn't help. I tried just turning off the Qcon Pro X and turning it back on..... no help.. Same for the Keyboard, I'll unplug it and plug it back in.... no help. The message pops up over and over..

If I play a session before the error pops up, it plays fine and continues to play as the error messages come. I'll lose the ability to stop the session until I click the OK button on the message

If I arm the record button, I'm able to record and no error message shows up. Same with bouncing to disk. No error message..

If anyone has an idea of what I may try to stop the error, I appreciate it so very much.. thank you, RichrdC
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