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Default Re: digi 001 vs. MOTU 1224

Thanks for all the responses. I especially appreciate Digi's giving me a detail post regarding MOTU vs. the 001. I kinda wish they had discussed the 1224 vs the 001 more specifically, since that was what I was most interested in. I know the 001 compares very favorably to the 2408.
Alas, I have decided to go with the 1224. I did a lot of research, and came to the conclusion that most of the boxes around the $1000 mark where comparable. So, I choose MOTU since I'm running their software and I can take advantage of hardware's features more fully than if I ran the 001 as a direct I/O. Also, I already have an 8 in/8 out MIDI i/o, so the 1 in/1 out on the 001 was useless to me. The only real advantage of the 001 are the preamps, but I can deal with that.

If I made a bad choice, you'll all be hearing from me.

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