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Default Metronome/Countoff with Online Transport Issue

Hi all,
I'm having a problem I've not found before. When sync'd to tape, I can't turn ON the metronome without first taking Transport Offline, then turning on the Metronome then taking Transport Online again.

Protools reports "Protools can not be put into Count Off Mode While transport is Online". I'm NOT trying to put it into Count Off mode, just turn the click on, yet it won't let me via the keyboard command or by clicking in the click icon in transport.

As you can imagine, this only causes a small problem, unless I accidentally turn off the click at the wrong point in the song, and am then unable to turn it back on again. It also makes stopping and starting a bit more labour intensive than it should be.

Is this just caused by some kind of linking setting somewhere than I'm missing?

I'm currently on a machine running 8.05 I believe.

Thanks for any insight offered.
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