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Default Re: Is it worth buying a legacy system/5 Farmcards

I have a friend who wants to sell me a pci system. It's very nice with lots of plug-ins. But to tell you the truth I had hoped on getting into a starting HD system. But with my friends system, it's already up and running. If I were to buy an HD system would I be able to use an Apogee AD8000 and the farmcards? I would also look at putting it on a G5 1.6g (using the old form factor pci archetecture).
Old TDM cards are not compatible w/ G5s
so you are stuck on a G4 or a Windows machine and no version higher than 6.4.1

the 8000 could ether be used off of the Legacy port, feed a 192 via AES, or you could get the HD card for it

have you looked at the current trade-in value of the hardware?
can you buy the hardware for less than what Digi will give you on trade-in?
(if you can I that would be a good reason to buy it)

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