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Default Re: Folder Feature Requests

I've got a problem with recalling different folder track open/close states. I think a "folder open/close state" check box should be added to the memory location window.

Currently I have folder tracks for different groups (VCAs, DX, SFX, Music, Verbs, Printmaster). I set up different memory locations to recall which folders are open and closed by checking the "track visibility" box in the memory location window. This does recall which folders are opened and closed but it also forces you to show/hide tracks within that folder.

What I'd like is to be able to only recall the open/close state of all the folders in the session. That way, I can add tracks into each folder, or hide tracks within a folder and when I recall the memory location any changes I made within the folder are maintained without having to update the memory location any time I make a change within a folder.
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