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Default Sound replacer does not load a sample

Hi guys,

little trouble here, I want to replace the toms from a recording that I made but i have few problem.

I want to use a sample of a previous drumkit that I recorded.

The audio file are clean hits from the toms of a ludwig that I recorded.

I sliced down the best hit and bounce it to a Wav file, save it with the same sample rate of my session, save it as a mono summed file in a folder on my desktop.

then I selected the toms hit that I want to replace, go to audiosuite>soundreplacer the selection appear I choose the destination track and until here all fine, then I click on the load icon and choose the file that I bounced, select the amplitude hit preview but nothing come out so I try process and on the destination track appear an empty region.

Why this is happening? something wrong with my file?

I use Pro tools 7.4 on Mac I rented tonight soundreplacer from the digi store.

Any help is apprciated
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