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Default Import Audio search window results will not import

OK, maybe I'm being a bit dense but:
In an open session (Using Pro-Tools LE 7.3.1 - Digi002- Mac G5 Dual 2Gb with 3 Gb Ram) if I select Import Audio from the file menu or press SHIFT APPLE I, the resulting window has a Spotlight type search bar at the top on the right. Now, If I search through my disks manually for audio files, find the one I want and single click it, the bottom half of the import audio window will show the file and offer the various (add, copy etc) options to import or convert and import that file. However if I use the Spotlight search bar to find all files with, for argument's sake, a "SFX." prefix although it finds all the files if I select one of them to import or convert and import, the bottom half of the audio import window remains greyed out and will not allow you to import the files you have found. Why Not?
Anyone have any ideas?
If the search option won't allow you to import the results of the search then why have it?
Help Please!!!

Many Thanks

P.S. If I use the Spotlight search feature from within the Mac OsX Finder then Pro-Tools is quite happy to let me drag and drop the files straight into the region bin. Go Figure
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