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Default PT 9 crash with program change

Hy, I have had this problem for a long.

I use pro tools for music only, and every time I work with the midi channel change program option,,,pro tools crash....sometimes access violation followed by pro tools crash..
I have a fresh S L. installation and no plugins.

S Leopar 10.6.5 (x64) digi 003 rack.
vienna key, axiom 49, mac keyboard, logitech trackball + software, the computer is connecter to a pc (ethernet cable)
firewire texas i (400 mb).

I tried with PT 8.03, 8.04, 8.04 cs2, and today I downloaded PRO TOOLS 9.

I tried with a new user, I did all the changes in system preferences, I work only with internal hard drivers only(2 WD 500 GB one WD caviar 1 tb) the sessions are in different disks of course.
I removed all plugins and nothing, the problem didn't stop.
For example if I create a new empty project, with no instruments, no audio, nothing, just a few midi files and a add program changes to this midi files, after move the program change number for a few seconds pro tools crash or I get access violation and the a crash, also if I work a lot with cc happen the same, it looks like a midi problem, is it possible?
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