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Default Page Scrolling bug in PT LE 7.1

In the "good old days" (PT LE 6.x and earlier) "continuous scrolling during playback" (and, incidentally, also during recording) was a standard feature offered under the Operations Menu. In PT LE 7.1, this has been replaced by "Page" scrolling. Not only is this not an "upgrade" it is a definite downer -- especially because it DOESN'T WORK MOST OF THE TIME!

I am running two 002Rack systems, one with my G5 desktop and the other with my Powerbook-17 G4 portable, both under OS 10.4.7. On neither of these systems does Page Scrolling operate properly: more often than not, it does nothing and the scrolling continues beyond the edit window. IF it does work, it jumps the scrolling line backwards in the edit window only about one-quarter of it's width. This is true during both recording and playback. This is a real confidence shatterer while recording!

Is there anyone else out there who has experienced -- and lamented -- this obvious bug in the new software?

Are you listening, Digi? (I've e-mailed your customer tech support about this, but no one has ever responded.)

Please FIX THIS BUG in the Page Scrolling option ASAP. Better yet, give us back continuous scrolling during record and playback!

Best Regards,
Ron Streicher
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