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Default Re: Acer Aspire 7720Z - DIGI 002 Rack

Not really enough info for a solid answer. Of course, it will connect, but consider:
What version of Pro Tools do you have(or plan to get)?
What OS is the laptop running?
What FW controller does the laptop have?
Guessing the laptop has the tiny FW port? Then you need the proper adapter cable(FW400 6 pin to fit the 002 and mini FW to fit the laptop)
Does the laptop have enough CPU and RAM to run Pro Tools?
What drive do you plan on recording to, and what is the current laptop drive(a typical 5400 rpm spinning drive will give terrible recording performance)?

****IMPORTANT**** Remember, NEVER hot-patch the FW cable. ALWAYS make sure the laptop AND the 002 are powered OFF before plugging or unplugging the FW cable.
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