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Default Re: Track input toggle from touchscreen


So letís review.

a) clients of Avid request a feature. I personally had been told it was being worked on by your predecessor.
b) beyond PMs via the forum, e-mails, and support requests from others, an IdeaScale was submitted by me personally.
c) over a decade of requests and it didnít happen. In the meantime, your clients have not been told that it CANíT happen, and the product goes EOL, which means that less resources than ever will be dedicated to solving the problem.

You now have also confirmed that where you left it with me in our private correspondence is - the same as ever. Itís not that it canít be done, and itís not that it wonít be done, but it remains not implemented. And this was how many months ago?

As such, when you say ďIím pretty sure I answered it many times alreadyĒ, wellÖ what is this answer? To say ďwe can but we havenítĒ isnít an answer after a decade of requests. Some of that decade is when your predecessor was in charge, of course, and youíve done TONS of work even getting these old devices to work pretty close to their full potential. That should not remain unappreciated. But how is your paying client supposed to make a reasonable, accomplishable request to AVID such that it gets implemented before a product goes EOL? All suggested proper steps have been taken, Iíve even taken the offside approach of e-mailing you and PMing you via the forum, and even further, trying to keep this bratty thread going because nothing else seems to work. My only resort is to call out AVID in their own public forum in the hopes that the others who have requested the feature - again, not just for my old Artist Control, as post #14 confirms - can get their due despite the lack of action or resources on the part of AVID.