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Unhappy Re: Avid Scorch Store

Last December 2011, I installed Avid Scorch for the iPad. However, when I tried to browse and search the Scorch Store, the default categories under "Featured" namely "Popular" and "Recommended" do not turn up any results. My list is blank. I have tried to re-install Avid Scorch and it is still the same. When I try to search for available scores, the App closes automatically. When I try to "See All" under "All Popular Scores", I get "no scores found". Benjamin Timms, Director of Engineering at Sibelius tried to help and we had a few exchanges and tried a few things. Didn' t work though. I gave up and decided I would just wait until they fixed whatever bug was causing my problem. I would try opening the App every now and then. Finally, when I tried opening the App this June (after 7 months) viola! Scores finally appeared and all was well. Yesterday I updated my iPad to ios 5.1.1. Guess what?! My problem is back and the Scorch Store doesn't turn up with any score at all. I hope they fix the problem soon.
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