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Lightbulb VENUE D-Show 2.8.1 Software Update for SC48

A new D-Show 2.8.1 Software Update for SC48 VENUE systems is now available from the VENUE downloads section in Support:

VENUE D-Show 2.8.1 Software Update for SC48 (Update: December 15, 2009)

ONLY For Digidesign VENUE SC48 Systems Running D-Show 2.8 Software
December 15, 2009

Please Note: if you have previously downloaded and installed D-Show version (build 60), you should again download and install the latest version provided below, version (build 77). To determine which build you are currently using, look for the software version number in the lower-right corner of the of the System tab on the Options screen. The first three digits represent the version number; the last digit is the build number.
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