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Default Pulse Window

MIDI wishlist:

The "Pulse" window in SVPro was the crowning achievment of that program. The most intuitive and creative way to do drum programming I ever saw in a MIDI sequencer. Please get yourself a copy of SVPro 4.2.2 or 4.5.1 and look at this feature. It can't be done better than this. Just take their idea and run with it.

Don't try to implement every MIDI feature right there in the edit window - give us different "views windows" for MIDI tracks so we can look at data different ways simultaneously.

Partial bars.

Sub-sequences. Embedded sequences. Call them what you will - SVPro did this well. And provide a hierarchical and completely user configurable window for the user to sort and organize these sub-sequences.

MIDI plugins. Realtime MIDI plugins (like TDM plugins) that act upon MIDI data on a MIDI track and have all the automation features that TDM plugins have - a MIDI Compressor plugin could compress/expand velocity, pitch, aftertouch, mod wheel, whatever the user assigned. A MIDI Harmonizer plugin could do transposition and harmonization in real time.

A MIDI "Master Fader" and MIDI Master Fader plugin - would allow the user to do an automatable key change that acted upon all MIDI tracks. Not sure about how this would be implemented, but would be damn cool.

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