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Default Live Recordings - Elastic Audio / Beat Detective

1. Anyone know of a tutorial on using Elastic Audio for a Live Recording? Beat Detective? Several of the takes I have are not played to a click - so how do you go about using Elastic Audio or Beat Detective in this situation? I have multi-track beat detective. How do you use it when there is not a constant tempo?

2. Can you somewhat correct tempo variations with EA and/or BD without having a constant tempo to start with?

3. Is it possible with the new Elastic Audio (maybe in combination with Beat Detective) - to analyze a track from one take of a live song and then conform another take of that same song to the tempo of the first one?
For example, a live recording with two different takes of the same song. Neither take was played with a click, however the tempos are somewhat similar. The Lead Vocal from the first take sucks, but everything else is good. Can I analyze the tempo of the Lead Vocal from take 1 and then grab the Lead Vocal from take 2 and use Elastic Audio to conform it to the tempo variations of the take 1?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I can see how both tools are very powerful, but its hard finding documentation on how to actually use it other than just what each button does when you click it.
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